Kansas Oil Museum

Kansas Oil Museum
383 E Central Ave
El Dorado, KS 67042

Summer Hours (Memorial Day – Labor Day)
Tuesday – Friday: 10AM – 4PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5AM

Winter Hours (Labor Day – Memorial Day)
Tuesday – Friday: 10AM – 4PM
Saturday: Noon – 5PM

Adults: $8.00
Seniors: $6.00
Students 6-18: $4.00
Children Under 6: FREE

The Kansas Oil Museum is features an impressive collection of local land history, petroleum education, equipment, and boomtown structures. The museum does an excellent job at covering the breadth of the petroleum industry in Kansas, from the techniques and tools of oil discovery and collection, to the lives of the workers in the oil fields. Along with historic oil derricks, wells, storage, and signage, the museum yard includes an original lease house, land man office, and boomtown stores.

Exterior of the Kansas Oil Museum
Exterior of the Kansas Oil Museum

Oil History in El Dorado, Kansas

El Dorado’s oil activity can be traced back to 1915 when it becomes the first site where an oil field is discovered using scientific / geologic mapping. By 1918, 12.8% of national oil production (9% of global production) is sourced from the El Dorado Oil Field, the largest single field producer in the USA. It’s timely and impressive production lead it to be dubbed “the oil field that won World War I.”

Oil operations continues in El Dorado today. The El Dorado Refinery produces gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other refined petroleum products with a capacity of 135,000 barrels a day. It is located on the southwest edge of El Dorado.

Boomtown Displays at the Kansas Oil Museum
Boomtown Displays

Gunbarrel At The Kansas Oil Museum

Visiting the Kansas Oil Museum

The Kansas Oil Museum boasts an expansive collection of oil field historic records, artifacts, and educational dioramas. The collection is split between an indoor collection featuring the development of oil production in the region as well as local history. Outside, visitors can explore the 10-acre property featuring oil field equipment spanning the last hundred years as well as a recreation of an oil boomtown and other historic structures.

The Britting No 1 Cron Tract from Sec.2-T26S.-R5E. Butler County, Kansas
Britting No 1

Well collection at the Kansas Oil Museum
Well collection

Kansas Oil Museum Indoor Collection

The indoor portion of the Kansas Oil Museum is opened year round for visitors to learn about the history and science of oil exploration and production. Exhibits include dioramas of oil rigs, drill bits, oil samples, oil field maps, and so much more.

Interior of the Kansas Oil Museum
Interior of the Kansas Oil Museum

Core and crude samples at the Classic Rig at the Kansas Oil Museum
Core and crude samples at the Classic Rig

Kansas Oil Museum Outdoor Collection

The 10-acre outdoor area features restored oil field equipment from the past 100 years including wells, rigs, and holding tanks. One corner of the outdoor collection includes a historic oil boom town including a company office, grocery, school house, and more.

Equipment Yard in the Kansas Oil Museum
Equipment yard
Classic Rig at the Kansas Oil Museum
Classic rig

Inner workings at the Kansas Oil Museum
Inner workings

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