“This is no way to run a government”

U.S. District Judge Richard Leon expressed frustration with U.S. officials over a natural gas claim outside Glacier National Park which has spent the last 30 years in limbo. The area, which is a wildlife habitat and considered sacred by local native American tribes , lead to calls for an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Yet, three decades into the leases suspension, the lease holder, Solenex LLC is still waiting for a decision on MTM 053323*. Officials explain that the delays in a decision on this lease are due to the time spent researching the impact of natural gas drilling and coordinating with local tribes. Yet, as Solenex LLC attorney Steven James Lechner observed “Nothing takes 30 years to accomplish, if one wants to get the job done.”

Leon’s ruling may bring other stalled leases to the front for review. As he concludes,

This is no way to run a government. No way to run a government

Do you know of other oil and gas leases that are stalled? Let us know in the comments!

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